The Most Common Home Renovations Mistakes

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Many complications come with home renovations, not only do you need to have planned even the smallest details, you need to be capable of managing a team of architects, designers and contractors. When a home renovation is completed correctly, it is a hugely rewarding project that continues to benefit you for years to come. This list outlines some of the most common and detrimental home renovation mistakes so you can more easily avoid them in your next project.

  1. Rushing the Job  

It is an unfortunate reality that home renovations, especially those on a big scale, are likely to run over. Many experts suggest that you should take the unpredictable nature of the work into account when you are planning. Leaving yourself a few extra weeks can be really useful if work begins to take longer than expected.

Many issues might arise from rushing the job. Firstly, added time pressure is likely to result in lower quality work being done. Secondly, rushing work makes the chances of a workplace injury occurring much more likely. Not only does this mean that someone could get hurt, but the whole project might be complicated by workers being compensated for injury.

  1. Poor Communication

You should view your role in your home renovation as a type of project manager, meaning it is your responsibility to coordinate the efforts of everyone involved. Hence, the projects shared goals can be achieved. Without clear and consistent communication, it is impossible to fulfil this role as the project manager. Not only can poor communication lead to confused aims within the team, but it is also likely to create lower morale as workers are not informed when work is done well.

  1. Neglecting the Budget

Forgetting to budget at all is one probably the biggest mistake you could make when it comes to your home renovation project. The budget should be formed at the planning stage and used as a guide to inform every subsequent decision. You are advised to plan the budget in the same way that you plan the timeframe for your renovation; expect for things to take longer and cost more than what is initially quoted. To be safe, add an extra 10 to 20 percent to the initial estimate to ensure that work will not be halted down the line due to a lack of funds.

  1. Not Taking Advice

If you have spent lots of time searching the internet preparing yourself for your home renovation project, it might be easy to think that you know what is best. If your contractor offers you a piece of advice, it is important to respect their experience and consider the option on offer. Alternatively, if your budget allows, enlisting the help of a professional designer will make sure that the completed project functions cohesively as a whole.

  1. Choosing Trendy Designs

A home renovation is the perfect way to update the interior of your home; however, it is important to opt for a timeless design over a trendy aesthetic. Not only will a classic design help you enjoy your renovation for longer, but it will also give you a higher resale value.

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