Ingenious Ideas of How to Add Water Features to Your Home

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There is lots of evidence to say that water is a major stress reliever after a hectic day. Just consider the popularity of spas and hot baths as relaxation methods—even listening to the sound of ambient rain is a popular relaxation technique to promote good sleep. If you are interested in creating a peaceful, Zen home environment, why not consider playing on the calming effects of water?

Though perennially popular outside features, water features do not have to be restricted to your garden. To get you started, here are some ingenious ideas of how to add water features to your home.

 Hot tubs and Jacuzzis

To introduce the spa experience into your home, you could invest in a hot tub or Jacuzzi. These suit any part of your home perfectly, whether as an addition to the bathroom or by providing an open-air bathing option outside. Though very similar pieces of equipment, there are some differences between hot tubs and Jacuzzis: hot tubs are primarily tubs of hot water in which you can relax, whereas Jacuzzis are a branded product that goes one step further by incorporating pumps to tubs to create a soothing whirlpool bath. You could even up the relaxation ante further by adding calming essential oils to your bathwater.

A water garden

Water gardens are an ideal way of incorporating a relaxing water feature to your home. Adding a pond to your back garden is the perfect way to get back to nature—the water encouraging an abundance of wildlife you might not have seen before, such as dragonflies and tadpoles. You could even add some colorful koi carp to your pond. Make sure you incorporate plenty of marine plants, such as water lilies and willow moss, which will help to clean and oxygenate the pond water, but bear in mind that you should also invest in an additional mechanical filtration system. Visit for more information on the wide variety of water gardens available.


Fountains make brilliant additions to any water garden, providing a source of running water that will further encourage wildlife to visit. However, they don’t have to be restricted to the outdoors. An indoor water fountain will add a point of focal interest to your home, bringing the tranquility of nature indoors, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every taste and budget. For an eye-catching maximalist look, go for a wall-mounted fountain. Or, if space is an issue, opt for a smaller tabletop fountain. Whatever size and style of fountain you go for, you are sure to feel the relaxation benefits of the soothing sound of running water.


If your relaxation comes in the form of exercise, investing in a pool is a must. If you have the space and climate, an outside pool provides a cooling source of exercise by day, and (when illuminated by pool lights) a charming view to enjoy at night—perhaps even accompanied by a midnight swim!

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