9 Best Patio Decorating Ideas

Paraíso 8

Your patio also needs the best decoration to make it comfortable and livable. This part of a house is usually used for dining or recreation with family and friends, which is completed with furniture and decoration. There are many things that you can use to decorate your house patio such as trailing vines, hanging planters, and potted plants. For more inspiration, please check out some best patio decorating ideas below.

1. Campestre by Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Campestre 21

This private residence has a rectangular proportion of its plot and also two patios. These two patios in Campestre are used to distribute and divide the public and private rooms. The public spaces encircle the first patio in a T-shaped floor plan while the main spaces are kept on the ground floor.


2. House in Vilobí d’Onyar by 05AM Architecture

House In Vilobí D'Onyar 6

It is a modern house that can generate an outdoor patio in the middle of the house area. House in Vilobí d’Onyar also has a large porch combined with this outdoor patio that connects the whole life of this house. The outdoor patio in the center of this house is created by the two bars aligned to the boundaries of the plot.


3. Portixol House by PMA Studio

Portixol House 31

It is a 110 m2 traditional rowhouse that renovated completely despite the property’s slender shape. Portixol House is flooded by a lot of natural light, including the patio area. In this patio, simple decoration is used by adding furniture, a potted plant, and also a small tree.


4. Paraíso by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Paraíso 8

Located in a residential area near Cuernavaca, Morelos, México, this weekend house has two major openings with the main design that created to provide a sense of openness. Paraíso offers a large patio with an outdoor dining area and a swimming pool, designed awesomely for dining or recreation.


5. Maison Atelier by YH2 Architecture

Maison Atelier 14

These two independent urban residences offer a new model of urban housing by proposing two independent urban residences on the same lot. Each house in Maison Atelier has its own ground with spacious indoor spaces and two patios on the rooftop. These patios provide outdoor spaces and also private that open the city.


6. Casa B by Architrend Architecture

Casa B 7

Designed as a functional house for a family, the demolition and reconstruction of Casa B are done to give a unique character to its interior and its structure. This terrace house has a double-height for the entrance lobby that facing the fully glazed patio. With furniture and a small swimming pool, this patio allows interaction between the garden and interior spaces.


7. BALINT HOUSE by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos


BALINT HOUSE comes with four concrete supports and an arched roof, offering a unique living place in a privileged place within a golf course. This modern house has a large patio, offering a large view too with a green landscape and a swimming pool. In this patio, the residents can enjoy the view surroundings or swimming when summer comes.


8. NH25 Loft by Standard Studio

NH25 Loft 9

It is a hidden gem that built in the old canal house with six extra big roof lights. NH25 Loft has a patio that can bring in daylight and also adding outdoor spaces. This patio also can be used to organize the house rooms and allow more open feel of the spaces.


9. FM House by La Errería Architecture Office

FM House 9

This comfortable house has three flexible and open floors with a bit of luxury design on its interiors. FM House combines some materials and colors to beautify its look, including its patio. The open floors are connected by the patio which is a backbone between the three floors that can create visual references that give value to each space.

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