Casa B: The Demolition and Reconstruction of A Terrace House with A Reinforced Concrete Frame

Casa B 7

The demolition and reconstruction of Casa B are done by Architrend Architecture. This terrace house is located in the city of St. Julian, Malta, designed as a functional house for a family. The structure of this house is defined by a frame of reinforced concrete while the linear scale can give a unique character to its interior.


Casa B 1

Casa B 2

Casa B 3

This awesome house sits in a neighborhood formed by traditional buildings. It has a main facade with a unified design. The double skin is created by a glazed elevation that delineated by a frame of reinforced concrete. This structure allows the house to have a fresh atmosphere inside and give it a special identity from its outside look.



Casa B 4

Casa B 5

Casa B 6

Inside the house, the interior is characterized by a linear scale and completed with single flight of stairs. There is a double-height for the entrance lobby, facing the fully glazed patio to allow interaction between the garden and interior spaces and increasing the sunlight inside the house as well.

Casa B 7

Casa B 8

Casa B 9

The swimming pool can be found on the rooftop in front of the penthouse. This pool is surrounded by a wooden deck with a wonderful view of Malta’s coast. The building itself offers a high form as the main character and allowing the residents more views from a higher place. The elegant touch comes from the fully glazed wall in front of the entrance and concrete stairs.


Casa B Gallery

Photographer: Moreno Maggi

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