House in Vilobí d’Onyar: A Modern House with Combination of A Large Porch and Patio

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Located in Vilobí d’Onyar, this modern house is a 2017 project by 05AM Architecture. With two bars aligned to the boundaries, House in Vilobí d’Onyar can generate an outdoor patio in the middle of the house area. There is also a large porch combined with this outdoor patio that connects the whole life of this 290 m² house.


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The two bars aligned to the boundaries of the plot in this house can create an outdoor patio in the center. This patio connects the house life, including interior activity and life in its large porch. It is a large porch that will communicate the house two wings perfectly. The design of this house is made in a modern style with a lot of touches of elegant details through furniture, material, and colors.



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A living room with a larger interior volume can be found on the central courtyard of the house. When passing the house stairs, the other side of the house patio can be reached easily where there is a warm dining room. While the living room is placed outside and under the large porch protection in this modern house.

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Organized in a semi-level, the rest of the house can make the corridors look disappear and turn the central staircase of the house into an awesome element to relate all rooms. The main room can be found at the end of one of the wings, achieving more privacy with good respect for the house garden. While other rooms of the house can share a study central space.


Patio and Porch

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House In Vilobí D'Onyar 9

The large porch and patio are combined to achieve a great flow of circulation inside the house that creates interesting visual communications between the bright house and spaces as well. The house spaces are protected and collected from the neighboring houses look. This combination is also supported by the protection, privacy, communication, and light.

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