7 Mesmerizing Fireplace Decorating Ideas

The Long Brick House 3

In order to bring a more stylish look into your house, your fireplace can be a perfect object for it. Besides warming your house interior, a fireplace is very easy to be decorated. You can put a mirror, art, or family photos above it. Other options are using a pair of wall sconces, candlesticks, clocks, or vases. Need more inspirations? Here are some mesmerizing fireplace decorating ideas for you.

1. Apartment S by IFUB

Apartment S 8

Beautified in white surfaces and warmed by the wooden floor, Apartment S has a modern white fireplace located in its living area. This apartment is designed with neutral themes or elegant elements so it will be perfect to also use a fireplace decorating idea with the same theme such as framed prints, paintings, and mirrors.


2. Pinheiros House by Felipe Hess Arquitetos

Pinheiros House 10

Instead of a white fireplace, why not a black one? A fireplace in Pinheiros House comes in a black simple design. The wooden storage on each side of it is used to store the woods. For this kind of fireplace, a fireplace decorating idea with one or two decorative plates (on stands) or vases will be perfect.


3. Private Apartment in Hodkovičky by COLLARCH

Private Apartment In Hodkovičky 12

With a quiet and neutral background, the small fireplace in Private Apartment in Hodkovičky can be decorated with neutral elements too. The same neutral decoration for this fireplace can create a balanced look for the interior. A family photo or art is enough to be placed on the fireplace countertop.


4. 4946 VANALDEN AVE by Harry Gesner


With an open concept floorplan and modern design, 4946 VANALDEN AVE offers a comfortable living place with a warm interior. This warm comes from the modern fireplace built inside the house wall. The fireplace decorating idea for this fireplace can be placed on the wall above it. A mirror, a clock, or another wall decoration will be perfect.


5. House A, Dornbirn by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten

House A Dornbirn (AT) 2

This beautiful house is designed in wood and glass. House A, Dornbirn offers both traditional and modern designs with warm interiors that come from the modern black fireplace in its living area. This stunning fireplace can be decorated by putting a brighter decoration above it like picture frames, small statues, arts, or small vases.


6. The Long Brick House by Foldes Architects

The Long Brick House 3

In a beautiful living area of The Long Brick House, there is a modern fireplace with a large bookcase that full of books. Designed in a pretty white theme, the fireplace decorating idea for this one will be awesome when you can put a decoration above it with art, picture frames, paintings, or other wall decorations.


7. Berkel-Enschot House by Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

Berkel Enschot House 3

From the outside, Berkel-Enschot House looks stunning with the locally produced bricks and a large glazed wall. While from the inside, this family house has a simple interior with white walls and a wooden floor. The fireplace can be found in the living area, installed into one with the white walls. The decoration can be placed next to it such as a vase with a stand or a wall decoration above it such as a clock, paintings, or mirror.

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