Skyterrace Apartment: A Modern Apartment with Closed Exterior and Open Interior

Skyterrace 23

Located in a dense urban area in Tokyo, this apartment complex is a 2018 project designed by wipe. Skyterrace Apartment is a modern apartment that needs a good architecture to give strong privacy for its residents. The closed exterior and the open interior are designed to enhance the communication between the residences.


Skyterrace 1

Skyterrace 2

Skyterrace 3

The privacy of the residents in this apartment complex because of the SNS and smartphones that connect everyone anytime and anywhere these days. This apartment needs the best architecture that gives the residents time to communicate better when they go home after working on a tiring day.



Skyterrace 4

Skyterrace 5

Skyterrace 6

The apartment architecture can strengthen the privacy closing the facade in the densely urban area and narrow front roads. This architecture also has each own private courtyard terrace that opens up to the sky inside the apartment. The residents can look up at the sky and relax here. It is an isolated space that is perfect for a relaxing and slow time.


Exterior and Interior

Skyterrace 7

Skyterrace 8

Skyterrace 9

The open interior and closed exterior can give the residents a comfortable environment and time to communicate with themselves and recharge their bodies and mind. This apartment architecture also cures their SNS and smartphone addiction from any present illnesses, giving an opportunity to rethink a truly happy in life.


Skyterrace Apartment Gallery

Photographer: Toshiyuki Yano

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