Amusement Casa: Modern Interior Design with A Reading and Play Area for A New Home

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Mr. and Mrs. Stone’s want to have an open, natural feel in their new home to provide their children’s activities. With a reading and play area in Amusement Casa, they can bring the family members closer together even in busy lifestyles. HAO DESIGN tries to make their wish comes true by using an alternative approach for this new home interior design.


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Creating a modern interior design in this house is done with some initial stages. That’s why the idea of designing a reading and play area comes. With a touch of simple and modern style, the house interior can provide a relaxed environment for the children to play and study comfortably.



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This family residence has a 60 meters square of leisure and recreation area to greet all visitors. The wooden table sets can make this creative space looks cozy for the parents and their children. With “Favorite Thing” light fixture, the modern interior can highlight the daughter crafts.



Amusement Casa 7

Amusement Casa 8

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If the daughter’s bedroom is adorable with a pink wall, the master bedroom is a little bit different. With the blue wall behind the bed, soft surface of the wooden floor and storage, this bedroom look very inviting for everyone to sleep in.



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The kitchen becomes a transitional area for the public and private areas inside this house. There are some storage spaces that can be used by Mrs. Stone to keep cookery books, spices, and herbs. The cabinet has a “latticework” style design that matches well with the modern interior, providing a marvelous venue for the family.



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Green, white, and natural color of the wood materials are combined to create the modern interior design and a fun atmosphere in Amusement Casa. The most interesting thing is the blackboard-wall, it provides a surface for the children to sketch and for the family to write some messages or recipes.


Special Space

Amusement Casa 16

Amusement Casa 17

The daughter has its own special space with a movable slide. This slide is flexible, it can be put away and taken apart when it is not needed. There is also a swing in a veranda, creating a beautiful spatial arrangement. Mr. Stone also can sit on the swing and watch his wife and daughter play the piano.



Amusement Casa 18

Amusement Casa 19

Amusement Casa is full of wooden furniture. The long wooden table and beautiful chairs in the dining room becomes a focal point to describe the modern interior design. The large green cabinet near the piano and a grey kitchen set with a small kitchen island can help the family to organize things much better.

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