9 Gorgeous Cozy Small Bedroom Ideas

The HACHI Skyscape 25

Even a small bedroom can be cozier and also comfortable when it is designed in the best way. A cozy small bedroom is possible when you know some key points even when it has limited space. Besides the interior elements in a bedroom, you also need more ideas to organize it well. Here are some gorgeous cozy small bedroom ideas with a lot of inspirations for you.

1. GALLERY HOUSE by Raul Sanchez Architects


In GALLERY HOUSE, Raul Sanchez Architects adds colorful accents to design its small bedroom. Besides the natural wooden walls, this small bedroom comes with a combination of white and purple on the bed and the same colors in the bathroom. This color combination is a great idea for you who want to make your small bedroom cozier.


2. New Canaan Residence by Joel Sanders Architect

New Canaan Residence 6

The small bedroom in New Canaan Residence is designed in a modern interior with soft and bright colors. This bedroom is placed facing an outdoor area, separated by a glazed sliding door. With a rug, a chair at the corner, and stunning views, this small bedroom surely turns into a cozy room for its owner.


3. Residence Montagnard by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Residence Montagnard 4

This small bedroom is full of warm natural lights through its glazed sliding doors. Designed with a balcony too, Residence Montagnard offers a cozy small bedroom dominated by wood materials on its wall, furniture, floor. While the white bed invites everyone to sleep and relax.


4. St-Joseph Loft by

St Joseph Loft 3

A small bedroom loft in this project is transformed into a quiet and warm space. St-Joseph Loft has a small bedroom surrounded by a unique surface and a simple furniture arrangement. There is only the bed in this room that can provide more free spaces for the residents.


5. Morro Apartment by

Morro Apartment 32

It is a small apartment with small spaces, including its bedroom. Morro Apartment by Hinterland Architecture Studio is designed in modern style and perfect space arrangement. The idea is to create a cozy small bedroom where there is no need to have a bed frame. Just the bed without a side table too.

6. The HACHI Skyscape by

The HACHI Skyscape 25

As a small house, the bedroom in the HACHI Skyscape surely comes in a small size too. With the use of wood as the main material, this small bedroom is beautified by its wooden floor and wall. The bed itself is short, covered in a gray sheet with white pillows. It is one of the simplest ideas to bring a cozy atmosphere in your small bedroom.


7. Spring Street by Basic Projects

Spring Street 7

The eclectic interior design is added to this small bedroom. The cozy feeling of a small bedroom in Spring Street comes from the pattern on the bed and eclectic rug. Without too many decorations on the wall, only two side tables at the corner, this small bathroom is already cozier for the residents.


8. Honolulu Renovation by Costa Brown Architecture

Honolulu Renovation 5

It is a small living place with simple interior designs. In order to create a cozy small bedroom, Costa Brown Architecture tries to bring a cozy feeling in the small bedroom of Honolulu Renovation through some beautiful patterns on the bed. In order to create a balanced look, the floor of the bedroom is designed with the same materials and theme with other rooms.


9. Gentle House by Monotello

Gentle House 6

Do you have a small loft with a small space? Perhaps this cozy small bedroom idea is perfect for you. With the contemporary interior, the small bedroom in Gentle House by Monotello is designed in a simple way with a white bed, long lights beside the bed, and a chair facing the window.

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