9 Best Rustic Decor Ideas

Cottage De Brébeuf 6

A design with natural beauty is called rustic. It is one of the best designs and decorations that perfect for every house interior that embraces earthy colors and nature-inspired textures. Rustic decoration means you need a lot of rustic accents to beautify your house that can provide an organic warmth. Need more ideas for a rustic decoration? Here are some best rustic decor ideas for your lovely house.

1. Villa Out of the Box by Arjen Reas Architecten

Villa Out Of The Box 8

Located in the Western Netherlands and designed by Arjen Reas Architecten, Villa Out of the Box is a rustic and robust building with light and spacious spaces. Characterized by a large degree of spaciousness, the spaces of this house are also designed with some simple rustic decoration with its furniture, materials, a recessed thatch roof, and a black timber exterior.


2. Art Barn by ORA

Art Barn 6

A rustic decoration also can be combined in a modern design, just like this family home. Art Barn is designed by an architecture studio from Los Angeles named ORA. The rustic decoration in this house can be seen from its wooden furniture and also wooden ceilings with beams, completed with a growing art collection of the owner.


3. Kicking Horse Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Kicking Horse Residence 10

This modern and rustic house has a strong connection with its mountain setting. Designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Kicking Horse Residence offers rich materials and bold forms surrounded by a rustic decoration that comes through its furniture and materials of the structure.


4. Mieszkanie Jaworzno by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Mieszkanie Jaworzno 5

Mieszkanie Jaworzno has a minimalist interior with colorful and rustic decoration. This lovely house is designed with some different bright colors combined with some rustic decoration such as a small wooden table, bench, and a hanger made from the original wood. Together with the wooden floor, the rustic decoration can bring a warmer atmosphere.


5. Cottage de Brébeuf by Boom Town

Cottage De Brébeuf 6

This project is an awesome transformation of a duplex into a rustic-chic cottage. Cottage de Brébeuf is designed by Boom Town, beautified and decorated with concrete, wood, and steel as the main materials to design the floor and ceiling. For the wall, some rustic decorations are hanged to complete the interior.


6. The Camp MINOH by William / Kaven Architecture

The Camp Minoh A Rugged Family Outpost In The Rustic Midwestern Landscape 11

Designed by William / Kaven Architecture, Camp MINOH is a beautiful house that has a moa dern style to accommodate a perfect year-round family gathering. This house is surrounded by the rustic Midwestern landscape and decorated with the rugged exposed Doug Fir beams on its ceiling to create a rustic look.


7. Three Generation House by BETA Office

Three Generation House 7

Offering two separate apartments for a family comprising of two households, Three Generation House is designed by BETA office. This house has a decoration that we called as a modern rustic decor that brings warmth to monochromatic spaces through its finishing, fixtures, and furniture.


8. Living on the Edge by Arjen Reas Architecten

Living On The Edge 8

This decoration idea of Living on the Edge is perfect for those who live in an urban area. Designed by Arjen Reas Architecten, this house is a combination of a very modern and traditional expression with a contemporary rustic living as the main concept. This concept is realized with the rustic furniture, wall decoration, and also wooden floor.


9. O’Nella Residence, Pune by Tao Architecture

ONella Residence Pune 14

This big house has warm hues of a rustic mélange of materials that become the main decoration for the entire building. Designed by Tao Architecture, O’Nella Residence, Pune is a family home with the traditional joint-family culture of cohesive living. The rustic decoration in this house is not only completed the whole design but also provide a contemporary lifestyle as wishes.

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