9 Incredible Modern Loft Designs

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In interior design, a modern urban style is called loft. Usually, a loft is characterized by industrial elements and also an abundance of open space. These days, a loft is often designed in a modern style with modern elements too. A modern loft design will not only make your loft looks awesome but also comfortable. Check out these incredible modern loft designs to get more ideas and inspirations.

1. NH25 Loft by Standard Studio

NH25 Loft 7

With six extra big roof lights and bright interiors, this modern loft design can invite everyone to come. NH25 Loft by Standard Studio is a hidden gem that built in an old canal house. The bright interiors and vibrant open floorplan in this loft are combined to provide a comfortable place that meets the inhabitants’ lifestyles.


2. A Painter’s Modern Loft by Sergio and Lysa

A Painter's Modern Loft 20

The modern design in A Painter’s Modern Loft is combined with a minimalist interior to create a dreamy and light-filled space. The modern loft design in this project is perfect for an artist and architect who need the best spaces with an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere to find more ideas.


3. Lönnrotinkatu 18 by PES Architects

Lönnrotinkatu 18 A Unique And Modern Loft Office In Helsinki 3

You can also get more inspirations by looking at this unique and modern loft design in an office. Lönnrotinkatu 18 by PES Architects is a renovation project to create a modern loft-style office. With natural colors, simple furniture, and lightings, the modern design in this office offers high-class accommodations for a wide variety of functions.


4. Bring in The Light by i29 Interior Architects

Bring In The Light 9

Bring in The Light has a modern design that turns it into a spacious and fresh loft. The appearance is simple with white surfaces, wooden furniture, and color contrast between white and black. With the help of the bespoke furniture, the spaces in this loft offer a more natural appearance to create a simple and strong interior basis.


5. Living in A Garage by i29 Interior Architects

Living In A Garage 6

It is a bright loft garage with a lot of natural accents and a modern interior. The modern design in this project comes from combining many things such as furniture in different colors, rugs, lighting, and materials. The rough oak surfaces and stark white walls in Living in A Garage also adds a contrast which is good to be seen.


6. Harbor Loft by Jim Olson with Christine Burkland and Naomi Mason

Harbor Loft 2

Harbor Loft is a project of a high-rise condominium with awesome white modern interiors. The idea of this project is to bring a modern interior design in white and replacing the stark style. This modern design is completed with some natural elements to provide some warm spaces with awesome views


7. Indigo Modern by Rob Paulus

Indigo Modern 9

Consist of 11 modern unit town lofts, the aim of this project is to a light and a good space in each unit of the lofts. Through a modern loft design and some interior elements in each unit, Indigo Modern also can provide a comfortable living place with a great view of the Catalina Mountains.


8. Tribeca Loft by Andrew Franz Architect

Tribeca Loft 18

This one is a modern loft design with a unique and decorative appearance. Tribeca Loft offers a fluid connection and large open entertaining zones designed by Andrew Franz Architect. With a retractable glass roofthe modern interior in this loft can be connected to the planted green roof garden, while the gesture of subtracting volume can bring fresh outdoors into the zones inside.


9. Bed-Stuy Loft by New Affiliates

Bed Stuy Loft 5

An existing loft is transformed into a modern apartment in this project by New Affiliates. Bed-Stuy Loft has a new mezzanine structure, a new material, and also perfect organizing of its space. All these elements are combined into one to create a modern design. The result is an unprecious, light, and clean living place.

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