9 Stylish Cottage Interior Ideas

Watermill House 8

A cottage is typically a small house that has an old or old-fashioned building. In these modern days, a cottage is usually a modest dwelling with its one main floor. As a small kind of a house, a cottage surely needs more attention to be designed, especially its interiors. Combining the furniture, elements, and materials are important to create a perfect interior in a cottage as wishes. You can check out these stylish cottage interiors ideas to get more inspirations.

1. Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture

Gitarren Haus 5

The main idea for this cottage is reconnecting the interior levels to create a beautiful new music room. Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture is a unique postwar cottage with simple interior design. Some minimal additions are inserted into this simple interior design through the planning guidelines and the complex overlay of the heritage.


2. Mountain Cottage by Basic Projects

Mountain Cottage 6

Mountain Cottage by Basic Projects has a simple traditional interior combined with a lot of frames. The interior idea in this project is to create warm and comfortable spaces in a cottage through an awesome uniqueness of the countryside typical. Some little gems are also collected by the client to decor the interior.


3. White Cottage by Denis Rakaev

White Cottage 7

The idea of this interior project is to create a modern interior in a cottage that combined with a bright atmosphere design. White Cottage by Denis Rakaev uses white colors and lightings as the main keys to beautify the interior. The wooden floor is combined with white walls, creating a soft and natural look for the interior.


4. Mosman House by Alexander and Co

Mosman House 5

The contemporary interior in Mosman House can bring a good relationship with the surrounding landscape and the various facade. Alexander and Co use some different materials to create a decorative in every interior of the spaces. For example, using blue tiles to give a pretty accent to the kitchen.


5. Elm Grove House by Ben Walker Architects

Elm Grove House 28

In this project of alterations and additions, Ben Walker Architects uses some elements to improve access to natural daylight in Elm Grove House. The result is a modern and open interior that re-programmed by the architect in each space, equipped with new flooring finishes, new double glazed windows, and wall, and roof insulation.


6. Watermill House by Desai Chia Architecture

Watermill House 8

Watermill House by Desai Chia Architecture is a renovation project of a traditional shingled cottage home. For the interior, elegant and modern designs are inserted together with some natural accents. These accents come from interior elements such as ceiling, floor, and furniture.


7. Chalet Lac Champlain by Boom Town

Chalet Lac Champlain A Contemporary Cottage Acting As Observation Post On Natural Settings 3

Chalet Lac Champlain by Boom Town is a contemporary cottage with white walls that emphasize the cottage’s contemporary side for its interior. These walls are combined with natural materials, glass-sliding doors, and the same white palette and wood flooring for the bedroom interior.


8. Chalet Potton by BOOM TOWN

Chalet Potton A Spacious Cottage To Accommodate More Than A Dozen People 7

With four large bedrooms and a dormitory to accommodate more than a dozen people, Chalet Potton by BOOM TOWN offers a dark and brighter color palette to create an interesting contrast in the interior. In order to complete the interior design, stained wood, marble, concrete, quartz, and porcelain are used as the dominant materials.


9. Chalet Bolton-Est by Boom Town

Chalet Bolton Est 5

Chalet Bolton-Est by Boom Town is a large and unique cottage. It has two large roofs and wooden floors that dominate the whole interior design of the rooms. In order to create a beautiful interior in the living room, the ceiling is designed in the same way and material as the floor.

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