9 Incredible Tiny House Furniture Ideas

Khun Kwin Residence 6

Choosing perfect furniture for your house may not be easy, especially when you have a tiny house with limited space. Furniture is one of the important elements to complete the entire house design and to provide the residents in having a convenient place for living. If you need more inspirations to choose the best furniture for your tiny house, here are some incredible tiny house furniture ideas for you.

1. Tennis House by Gray Organschi Architecture

Tennis House 11

With a simple design, the furniture in Tennis House by Gray Organschi Architecture comes in a simple form too. In order to fill in the spaces, the same theme and tone of the furniture are chosen to create a balanced look inside the house. A grey sofa, a wooden table, and even a warm are inserted to combine with the beams structure.


2. Twin Houses by Architecture Saville Isaacs

Twin Houses 18

For this project, Architecture Saville Isaacs chooses modern furniture with simple colors such as white and black. Twin Houses are designed in a modern and elegant surface for its interior, so this kind of furniture is chosen to meet the design of the interior surface and creating a similar look.


3. Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental by Kennan del Mar

Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental 7

This artist’s home is unique and also beautiful with a lot of colorful art frames and variations of furniture. Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental by Kennan del Mar has an eclectic interior and old-new style that allows the owner to design and decor it randomly, including choosing the furniture as they wish.


4. Longbranch Interiors by Jim Olson and Charlie Hellstern from Olson Kundig

Longbranch Interiors 7

The wooden and rustic furniture is chosen to design the contemporary interiors of Longbranch Interiors by Jim Olson and Charlie Hellstern from Olson Kundig. This kind of furniture not only offers a beautiful look but also interesting color and texture that can decorate the interior uniquely.


5. Highlands Escape by Benn and Penn Architects

Highlands Escape 8

This tiny house has a beautiful interior and structure thanks to its interior design and pretty furniture. Highlands Escape by Benn and Penn Architects uses simple furniture made from wood and designed in a plain color such as grey and white. Wooden furniture is chosen to bring a more natural sense that can integrate into its awesome landscape.


6. The Nutcracker by HAO DESIGN

The Nutcracker 17

In order to create clean lines and a modern look, rustic and wooden furniture is used together with the best arrangement of the lighting. The Nutcracker by HAO DESIGN is a family home with a contemporary interior, so the use of this kind of furniture can bring a warm and also modest texture into the house.


7. Studio Vila Olimpia by Tria Arquitetura

Studio Vila Olimpia 2

In this apartment, most of the furniture is custom-made furniture made based on small dimensions. Studio Vila Olimpia by Tria Arquitetura inspires you to create your own furniture to meet the need of your tiny house. To enhance the space feeling and comfortable atmosphere, the furniture is combined with some colors and earthy tones.


8. Khun Kwin’s Residence by GLA Design Studio

Khun Kwin Residence 15

The limited space in Khun Kwin’s Residence by GLA Design Studio is the main challenge in this project. By managing the limited space, ‘neat & clean’ mood and tone can be inserted through the wooden furniture and white surface of the interior so natural light floods easily into the house.


9. Honey on the Rock by Daniel Weddle

Honey On The Rock A Peculiar Tiny House With A Great Craftmanship 1

Honey on the Rock by Daniel Weddle is a special project of a tiny house with whimsical design and great craftsmanship. Dominated by wood paneling and overflow with design details, the furniture also comes in the same design such as a copper-topped table made from wood.

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