7 Remarkable Tiny House Furniture Ideas

Highlands Escape 8

A tiny house is not only special but also remarkable. It is one of the best house types that you can have for your small family. Besides the interior design and decoration, a tiny house also needs the best furniture only to make it feels comfortable and also larger. Below are some of the remarkable tiny house furniture that can be the best reference in choosing your tiny house furniture.

1. Pinheiros House by Felipe Hess Arquitetos

Pinheiros House 21

Pinheiros House by Felipe Hess Arquitetos is filled up with simple and natural furniture which is perfect for your modern tiny house. Integrated with the relationship of the environments, the furniture also can bring a balance between the interior design of the house and its surrounding nature.


2. Studio Vila Olimpia by Tria Arquitetura

Studio Vila Olimpia 2

For your tiny house, the furniture in this small apartment is also perfect. Studio Vila Olimpia by Tria Arquitetura is a minimalist apartment where some different furniture is used and combined to create a decorative interior. The same theme comes from the wooden furniture in the living and dining area. Choosing different colors of the furniture will be a great idea to create a colorful interior design.


3. Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental

Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental 5

Owned by an artist, Sunny Chicago Suburb Rental is a tiny house with colorful and minimalist furniture. In order to create an eclectic interior and old-new style, the owner chooses a variation of furniture as her wish and decorate the furniture with a lot of colorful art frames. In the living room, a lot of mid-century style furniture is used to bring an aesthetic look.


4. Highlands Escape by Benn and Penn Architects

Highlands Escape 8

Designed by Benn and Penn Architects, Highlands Escape is an elegant and sophisticated living pavilion. With its small size, this tiny house is designed with a beautiful interior and simple furniture. For example in this reading room, the wooden bookshelf is combined with a small round table and chair to create a pretty and convenient atmosphere.


5. Longbranch Interiors by Jim Olson and Charlie Hellstern from Olson Kundig

Longbranch Interiors 7

Needs an idea of furniture for your small bunkhouse? Try this one. Jim Olson and Charlie Hellstern from Olson Kundig work together to design a contemporary interior in an awesome bunkhouse. In order to support this goal, Longbranch Interiors is also beautified with contemporary furniture such as a custom-designed chair made by Olson himself.


6. Khun Kwin’s Residence by GLA Design Studio

Khun Kwin Residence 16

For managing the limited spaces inside this tiny house, GLA Design Studio tries to bring more natural and minimalist furniture inside Khun Kwin’s Residence. This tiny house is dominated by wooden furniture with built-in, light-brown wooden tones and off-white color, delivering a sense of relaxation.


7. Sunset Magazine by RMW Architecture Interiors

Sunset Magazine 8

For your tiny house furniture, maybe you also need an inspiration from this awesome office design. Sunset Magazine by RMW Architecture Interiors is a new industrial office with a modern and natural atmosphere so most of the furniture comes in a simple design and color that made of wood.

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