KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar: Modern Interior of Famous Restaurant with Interesting Space Organize

KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 10

KOMPANIYA is a famous restaurant located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It is the fourth project of DA Design and Architecture in 2018. The owner, Aleksei Krylov and Aleksandr Prokofev, want to make this restaurant as the best place for the families and homelier. With modern interior design and interesting space organize, KOMPANIYA is an awesome place to escape from the bustle of the city.


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KOMPANIYA space becomes a key element for the modern interior design. The first step is using the double height space and the second step is connecting the two levels of the restaurant. With a good organize of every space in this restaurant, all visitors can enjoy the food and feel more comfortable.



KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 4

KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 5

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The restaurant hall is designed in a special way, allowing the passer-by to see it well from the street. This special way is done by filling the windows with a high construction that made from metal and wood. Some cache-pots and planter are placed around the hall, making it looks like an orchard house.



KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 7

KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 8

KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 9

The construction design is made to connect the two levels and extending them to the restaurant hall. This way is a part of the project which is associated with a kind of winter garden. The garden consists of greenery, light, outdoor furniture, and also street spotlights that can offer a special place to stay inside this restaurant.



KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 10

KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 11

Some great elements are used to design the modern interior and creating the two-level part with a calmer and classical way. The elements are represented by the first Kompaniya Restaurant, acting as a basic element to make this restaurant looks perfect and comfortable as its goal.



KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 12

KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 13

KOMPANIYA has an organized space which is managed in an interesting way by the architect. It makes the restaurant space can be seen efficiently both from the inside and outside. A glass house is visible to be seen from the street and the modern interior is filled up with different and interesting things.

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