ETH Sports Center, Zurich (CH): A Sport Center with A Shimmering Green Glass Envelope and Bright Interior

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 9

From 2006 to 2009, Dietrich Untertrifaller Architects has been completed a sports center project for ETH Zurich located in Zurich, Switzerland. Being a part of the new Science City and the ETH Campus at the Hönggerberg in Zurich, ETH Sports Center houses the Institute of Human Movement Sciences and Sport with its 8,060 m² sizes. The building is designed under the shimmering green glass envelope with a bright interior inside.


ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 1

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 2

At the same time, this sport center also offers a wide range of sports facilities for all university affiliates. The building hiding its true volume in the rising slope and blends into the terrain. It is also the first public building in Switzerland to fulfill the Minergie-ECO standards. The building is located where the dense urban development rather merges into the Käferberg landscape,



ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 3

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 4

The building reveals its rich interior, weaving the campus into the mountain scenery. It also appears like a glass, crystalline body. The solid construction with load-bearing ceilings, interior, and exterior walls is hidden under the shimmering green glass envelope. The mainframe has reinforced concrete beams that reach the entrance hall, grandstand, and the triple sports hall.



ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 5

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 6

An ecological and sustainable construction is enabled by the largely recyclable building material, intensive daylight, and controlled ventilation which are produced with as little energy consumption as possible. A view out into the depths of the building is also provided by the surprising capacity of the space. The gymnastics halls, exercise rooms, changing rooms, an auditorium, and access paths are all grouped on different floors.



ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 7

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 8

Along with the clear building signage system and the functionality, the configuration of the interior spaces allows for the simple use orientation. The interiors are characterized by ethereal airiness and brightness, enhanced by the subtle and uniform white walls, floors, and ceilings with generous skylights. The light surfaces of the floors and walls are merged into a single unit and matched in color.


ETH Sports Center, Zurich (CH)

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 9

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 10

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 11

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 12

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 13

Photographer: Bruno Klomfar

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