Jungle House: A Unique House with Modern Design and Tropical Vegetation

Jungle House 10

The site plan of this project is considered as a previously-existing clearing in the plot center. Jungle House is located on the coast of São Paulo, in the midst of Atlantic Rain Forest in Guarujá. Studio MK27 tries to merge modern design and tropical vegetation in this house with a relationship between architecture of exact lines and its surroundings. This project is completed in 2015 with 805 sqm in size of the total built area.


Jungle House 1

Jungle House 2

Jungle House 3

Through this house project, the architect tries to merge the modern design and tropical vegetation. The terrain shapes the house wooden deck on the first floor of the house organically while the landscape design can recompose the native species. The main volume of the house seems to be encrusted in the topography and it rises from the ground.



Jungle House 4

Jungle House 5

Jungle House 6

The architect starts this project with the transversal section. This section allows the house pool to be arranged semi-built-in to the roof slab without losing any spaces below it. In order to achieve a more horizontal external proportion and to lower the top floor volume height, the living room of the house is lowered 27cm to the outdoor deck.



Jungle House 7

Jungle House 8

Jungle House 9

Just like other Studio MK27’s projects in other countries and beach shelters, there is a strong desire for establishing a relationship between the architecture of exact lines and its surroundings shown through this house. This relationship is achieved by the architect with a sensorial-spatial tectonic approximation with the environment and also a formal contrast.


Jungle House

Jungle House 10

Jungle House 11

Jungle House 12

Jungle House 13

Jungle House 14

Jungle House 15

Jungle House 16

Jungle House 17 Jungle House 18

Photographer: Fernando Guerra

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