Arrankudiaga Unif: A Single-Family Home with A Singular Volumetry and Passive Architecture Principles

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A singular volumetry is developed by i2G Arquitectos in this single-family home project located in Arrankudiaga, Spain. Started in 2013 and completed in 2016, Arrankudiaga Unif is a modern house designed with a special focus to the section and its relationship with the land where it sits. Besides the singular volumetry, a volume of simple geometric shapes is also planed together with the principles of passive architecture for the design.


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The adaptation of this house to the conditions and its integrations with its surroundings can result in a singular volumetry. The architect pays more attention to the house section and its relationship with the land. A volume of simple geometric shapes is also planned in this sense, supported on the ground where a large overhang comes as a unique character of the building together with a porch.



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In order to solve the envelope of the building, the advantages of prefabrication and comfort are combined with a system of prefabricated panels of counter-laminated wood to offer a sustainable constructive solution as well. It is a project of a high-efficiency house with a design based on the principles of passive architecture.

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The design is also oriented towards the PASSIVHAUS standard of building energy efficiency and “almost zero” energy consumption to deliver energy modeling, optimization of solar gains and indoor temperature, high-performance carpentry, controlled ventilation with heat recovery, control of air infiltration, elimination of thermal bridges, and continuous high-performance thermal insulation in the envelope of the building.


Arrankudiaga Unif

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Photographer: i2G Arquitectos

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