House BOZ: A Glass and Concrete Residence with Natural Materials and Living Room Design Emphasis

House BOZ 24

House BOZ is the winner of the Lafarge Award for the best architectural use of decorative concrete in South Africa 2013, designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects. The client’s request is a steel, glass and concrete residence with spacious and luxurious four bedrooms and an emphasis on the design of the living rooms. In order to meet this request, natural materials are used, to design the interior space as well.


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The spacious and luxurious four bedrooms with steel, glass, and concrete materials are the characteristics that distinguish this house from the others. The design emphasis is placed on the living rooms, especially the interior. The design is inspired by the site’s vastness and natural setting that resembles a bush lodge. It is very easy for the designer to translate this concept into a contemporary home thanks to the natural beauty, orientation, and site location.



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The concept is reinforced by the architectural design which can be seen in the selection of materials and also the relation between the internal spaces and the outdoors. The designer only uses natural materials and earthy colors only. At first, the site appears as a mound of quartzite rock and now it turns into an awesome look of integration between the site and building.



House BOZ 7

House BOZ 8

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The interior design of this house can connect the spaces through the use of different natural materials inside. This interior design also exposes the truth behind the materials by using them in the purest form such as quartzite cladding and rusted mild steel and incorporating in situ-concrete in the design.

House BOZ 10

House BOZ 11

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For the necessity, the interior spaces with a blending space with the natural materials are added while the earthy colors are featured in the home. Some brands selected amongst others for this project are Foscarini, Tom Dixon, Fontana Arte, Fantoni, Horm, and Molteni & C. Now the interior of this house looks so luxurious and also elegant because of the design and materials.


House BOZ

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