Kitchen Design Trends: What Are Their Three Primary Strengths?

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A kitchen remodeling project should be an enjoyable task. However, homeowners need to consider different design trends and their strengths. A person does not want to invest a great deal of money in the home only to find the kitchen is outdated in a short period of time. Furthermore, the project should increase efficiency and usability. If is doesn’t achieve these goals, the home’s occupants likely won’t be satisfied with the finished product. The following are three kitchen design trends and their strengths that you may wish to include in your remodeling project.

Concealed Storage

When people enter a kitchen, they want to see a clean space. This is where food is prepared and stored, so any mess isn’t appreciated. It may leave individuals wondering if the food is safe for human consumption. However, many kitchens lack the space needed to put all items away neatly. As a result, they remain out leaving the kitchen looking cluttered and unkempt. Fortunately, kitchen remodeling companies have come to realize this is an issue.

Talk with a remodeling specialist to learn the different options available for concealed kitchen storage. This may be a fold-out tray hidden behind the false drawer front of the cabinet in front of the sink or hidden storage above the cabinets concealed by panels. The ideas are truly endless, and designers know how to create space where none was previously available. As a result, homeowners find they make the most of the kitchen without increasing the square footage of the room in any way.

Colored Upholstery

White kitchens are clean kitchens or so many assume. It’s easy to see any dirt when a room is done in all white but this color scheme can be very boring. To ensure this problem does not arise, designers are now finding ways to incorporate a touch of color into this frequently used room. They often do so by choosing colored upholstery or fabrics for certain features in the room.

For instance, a designer may choose to add barstools for extra seating at the counter. When they do so, they may choose a stool that comes with a seat in a bright color. This adds visual interest to the room. Others opt to incorporate the color into the window dressings where they are less likely to be stained or damaged by spills or splashes. Consider using the color in one or more areas of this space to ensure the room doesn’t end up feeling cold and clinical as opposed to warm and homey.

Fluted Glass

Fluted glass has been around for centuries. Ancient Greeks used this glass in their columns and pilasters while artists chose to incorporate this design element into many Art Deco pieces. Furniture during the turn of the century often included fluted glass as well. Today, however, this type of glass is more frequently seen in kitchens across the country.

When installed in cabinet doors, the glass adds 3D interest. It bounces light and yet doesn’t take away from the simplicity of the room. Furthermore, incorporating fluted glass into the room adds depth along with privacy, something many homeowners are sure to appreciate. Consider adding the glass to various elements in the room for a distinct look that is sure to catch the eye.

These are only a few of the trends seen this year in kitchen design. Speak to an experienced designer to determine which trends will fit best in your kitchen remodeling project. You might find one is perfect for your needs or three or four may be a better fit. It’s all a matter of what works for your family and your lifestyle.

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