A’ Design Awards & Competition – Standard Call for Entries

La Notte Premio A' 2018 Gala Night & Award Ceremony Photo 4

A’ Design Award and Competition is the best chance for creative people to show how amazing and great their works. It is the world’s most influential, prestigious, and largest accolade in design. A’ Design Award opens nomination and entry to design agencies, brands, architects, artists, and designer from all countries in the world.

By participating in A’ Design Award and Competition, the designers can have valuable experience and feedback. They can also achieve their goals, get known, famous and having a larger network. For the brands and companies, they can get publicity and increase sales in building their brand and promoting their image.


There are over 100 categories of A’ Design Awards that cover technology, innovation, science, arts, architecture, and design. Here are some of them: Good Fashion Design Award, Good Service Design Award, Good Communication Design Award, Good Product Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award, and Good Industrial Design Award. Other further categories can be seen here.

The multiple categories in this competition can increase the aggregate or social value on each work and creation. With a lot of different design fields for the categories, the connection between patrons, participants, and sponsors also can be created in reaching wider audiences. When the categories are larger, the worth of winning this award becomes bigger too. The award value can give a positive correlation between people who know the industry and those who don’t.


Besides getting international awareness, publicity, credibility, recognition, and prestige, all winners also can get 10 of the major benefits from A’ Design Award and Competition.

1. Annual Yearbook

The A’ Design Award Winners’ Kit for the award winners is called The “A’ Design Prize” that includes an annual yearbook. This yearbook is available in both hardcopy and digital versions, given as a complimentary gift for the winners who join this design award competition using a professional entry method. This yearbook publication is free.

2. Exhibition

The winners can get free spaces allocation in an exhibition for both a physical exhibition in Italy and online gallery inclusions as well. They also get an A2 poster design and printing to promote and introduce their creation during the exhibition. A certificate is provided to all winners to remind and celebrate the exhibition, featuring some information about the exhibition venue, date, and details of designers and their winning works.

3. PR and Publicity

Another benefit from the A’ Design Award and Competition for the winners is free of charge of PR and publicity for their great works. Provided by DesignPRWire, Media Relations PR Service for the winners also includes press release distribution, press release preparation, communication to magazines, and blogs, an interview with the designers, a press kit with photos of the winner and visuals of their works, further press releases and distribution through the A’ Design Award Platform, and much more.

4. World Design Rankings Inclusion

There are three ranking lists managed by A’ Design Award and Competition, one of them is World Design Rankings that include winners only. In WorldDesignRankings, all countries are ranked based on the number of designers who win in the competition. Using the participants aggregate scores, the rankings are displayed between all competition years. This inclusion works perfectly as a communication tool for all winners to announce their contributions through mentions or press releases to the rankings.

5. Gala-Night Invitation

All winners of A’ Design Award and Competition will be invited in a very special black-tie event of Gala-Night. They can come together and celebrate the competition results. This event is held to create media coverage and networking opportunities for the winners as well. Besides the winners, some industry leads and press members are invited too. Each winner will be provided with a free entry ticket and a free ticket for a guest.

6. Winner Services

A’ Design Award and Competition will give some basic and premium service for the winners. The basic services include accessing some tools on basic services panel such as “Labels” to indicate the design quality, “Reaching companies”, “Making a patent application”, and “Advertising and communicating winner designs or products”. Other available services for the winners are: Consultancy Services, Commercialisation Services, Passive Services, and Public & Media Relations Services, They also can use the A’Award Badge to promote their products and designs. All of these services can be viewed and used after they log in.

7. Exclusive Interview

One of the best benefits for the winners who win the competition is an exclusive interview. They will get featured in two publications: the Design Interviews and Design Legends. The Design Interviews is a platform to publish the award-winning designers’ interviews for their awesome works. While Design Legends is a platform where the interviews of the perspective and philosophy of design from the designers are published.

8. Proof of Creation Document

A’Design Award and Competitions offers a “Proof of Creation” for all winners and participants to explain the design images, description, and title in a paper of document. This paper is signed by two witnesses and the designer to help in proving that the designer is the creator of a unique design with artistic value.

9. Sales Listing

A’ Design Award’s Sale Listing Services is a part of A’ Design Prize for the winners with three distinct platforms. The first one is “Design Mega Store”, allowing the winners to sell craft items, artworks, and award-winning products. The second is “Salone del Designer”, a platform for the winners to list some of their concept designs for sale. The last is “Buy Sell Design”  where the winners can get design contracts and sell creative services.

10. IDNN and DXGN Networks Guaranteed Publication

The winners of A’Design Award and Competition are also provided with an automatic placement to the syndication platforms of IDNN stands for International Design News Network and DXGN. It allows all winners to gain more visibilities through some search engines that make them easier to be found by all design enthusiast.

Jury of Entries

All entries of the participants in A’Design Award and Competition are judged by an international jury panel of media members, professionals, and scholars. There are 209 of strong and expert design juries in judging and evaluating the products and creations in this competition. With an extensive methodology and invaluable knowledge base, the juries can evaluate the submitted entries to create value and benefit for the participants. The juries are also transferring their ideas and insights into suggestions, feedbacks, and votes.


All design agencies, brands, architects, artists, and designer around the world can register to A’Design Award and Competition by clicking on this link: REGISTRATION. or they can also learn more first about this world’s most influential design award here or here.


The deadline for early submission of A’Design Award and Competition is September, 30th 2019 and the result will be announced in April, 15th 2020.


Here are some photos from La Notte Premio A’ 2018 Gala-Night & Award Ceremony and 2018 A’ Design Award Winners’ Exhibition.

La Notte Premio A’ 2018 Gala-Night & Award Ceremony Photos

La Notte Premio A' 2018 Gala Night & Award Ceremony Photo 2

La Notte Premio A' 2018 Gala Night & Award Ceremony Photo 3

La Notte Premio A' 2018 Gala Night & Award Ceremony Photo 4

La Notte Premio A' 2018 Gala Night & Award Ceremony Photo 5

La Notte Premio A' 2018 Gala Night & Award Ceremony Photo 6


2018 A’ Design Award Winners’ Exhibition Photos

2018 A' Design Award Winners' Exhibition Photo 1

2018 A' Design Award Winners' Exhibition Photo 2

2018 A' Design Award Winners' Exhibition Photo 3

2018 A' Design Award Winners' Exhibition Photo 4

2018 A' Design Award Winners' Exhibition Photo 5


2018 – 2019 Period Winners

Below are some previous winners of A’Design Award and Competition from the 2018 – 2019 Period in different categories.

Bandage by Bogdanova Bureau (Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design Category)

Bandage By Bogdanova Bureau 1

Bandage By Bogdanova Bureau 2

Bandage By Bogdanova Bureau 3

Bandage By Bogdanova Bureau 4

Bandage By Bogdanova Bureau 5

This comfortable sofa is made by a team of Bogdanova Bureau, a piece of furniture that can meet all of the consumer needs with its modern design. The designers add extra comfort to this sofa with the simplest means as much as possible. With an elastic tape behind the sofa, a new intuitive feature can be added for the users.


Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 by Jansword Zhu (Packaging Design Award Category)

Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 By Jansword Zhu 1

Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 By Jansword Zhu 2

Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 By Jansword Zhu 3

Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 By Jansword Zhu 4

Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 By Jansword Zhu 5

Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 is designed by Jansword Zhu. It has a fresh look which is new for the Chinese traditional spirit market. The unique thing comes from the asymmetry structure of the label, inspired by Chinese painting hand-roll. It allows the customer to have a dream of great drink time with the tranquil and blue mountain scene.


Villa AT by Todd Saunders (Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Category)

Villa At By Todd Saunders 1

Villa At By Todd Saunders 2

Villa At By Todd Saunders 3

Villa At By Todd Saunders 4

Villa At By Todd Saunders 5

The design of Villa AT can enhance the strong connection to its landscape and also preserving the sense of privacy and intimacy at the same time. Designed by Todd Saunders, this house is located on an awesome and beautiful landscape. The designer combines the flow of daily life and functional design for the design solution.


RenyiTong by Yang Chao (Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Category)

Renyitong By Yang Chao 1

Renyitong By Yang Chao 2

Renyitong By Yang Chao 3

Renyitong By Yang Chao 4

Renyitong By Yang Chao 5

RenyiTong is multi-angle connectors designed by Yang Chao. The design of these connectors is inspired by joints with some components that can be connected to each other. It is a creative set of connectors to create various models and also helping the users to develop and understand some three-dimensional creative insights effectively.


Carqon by Brian Hoehl (Vehicle, Mobility, and Transportation Design Category)

Carqon By Brian Hoehl 1

Carqon By Brian Hoehl 2

Carqon By Brian Hoehl 3

Carqon By Brian Hoehl 4

Carqon By Brian Hoehl 5

Carqon Design Team creates an electric cargo bike based on their research of trendy and energetic parents who have great ambitions to do only the best things in their life, including in facing the urban mobility challenges. This cargo is designed as an exclusive mobility solution with sturdy and thoughtfully design, providing a convenience move in style.

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