Woodhouse Hotel: A Traditional Hotel within Pollution-Free Farmlands and Striking Landscapes

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Located in Guizhou, China, Woodhouse Hotel is a traditional hotel designed by ZJJZ. It is a 2018 project with 500 meter square of the total area. The interesting part of this hotel is its location within pollution-free farmlands and striking landscapes. The main goal of this hotel construction is about an agricultural tourism introduction with the greatest assets around the village and capturing the beauty of nature.


Woodhouse Hotel 1

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The topography of this hotel location is quite complex with the rock formations. The architect team tries to choose a suitable spot to put the ten wood houses with a good angle to capture all appealing views without disrupting the forests and the rocks. The pedestrian path is also designed to lead all guests and visitors from the bottom of the mountain area to the ten houses.



Woodhouse Hotel 2

Woodhouse Hotel 6

Woodhouse Hotel consists of 10 single-story wooden houses that sit on a hillside, surrounded by woods and abundant grass. The sloping roof that made from wood materials becomes one of the most interesting interior parts of this hotel. The bathroom is designed and surrounded by a large glass wall allowing the beautiful nature to be seen clearly.



Woodhouse Hotel 4

Woodhouse Hotel 7

All materials that used build Woodhouse Hotel are transported up to the hill manually because of the hotel complex terrain. A combined structure system is used to minimize any damage to the original rock formations and improve the construction process. This system uses an elevated steel platform and a wood-structured object that combined with carbonized wood for the facade.



Woodhouse Hotel 5

In order to create a harmonize with the landscape and rustic atmosphere around the hotel, the design of the wood houses is made with a contrast to the existing village buildings around. Woodhouse Hotel also blends smoothly with the landscape because of the facade that made from a carbonized wood that has an awesome texture and color.

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