The Rock: A Black House on A Hillside

Atelier General, a Montreal-based architecture firm, has successfully built a black residence situated on a Quebec hillside. The house is covered by black-painted timber and known as The Rock. The two-story house is stood at 2,300 square feet with a carport and grassy area underneath. This house is located an hour outside of Montreal in which the area is known for its rustic homes. Here are some takeaways from the house’ design.

The Rock

The Rock A Black House On A Hillside 8

If you see from the hillside, the house appears to opt for flat roof atop. Atelier General designed the house to make the homeowners merge with the mountain.  Projecting from the hillside, the building is topped with a flat roof to keep a low profile. You can access The Rock from the lower level where it leads to a space beneath the upper floor.

Nature Background

The Rock A Black House On A Hillside 7 Since the house is located on a hillside, built on top of a slope in fact, you can expect many greeneries surrounded the area. It will make a perfect relaxation spot when you are tired of your hectic life in the city.

Fireplace Chimney

The Rock A Black House On A Hillside 6

The black fireplace chimney is contrasting to the white wall it is attached to. It also looks perfect for a rustic home with an industrial touch like The Rock.

Dining Area

The Rock A Black House On A Hillside 5

As you can see the dining space is set up in an open plan area on the second floor where there is also a sitting room. The galley kitchen in this space plays as a divider between the dining room and the said sitting area.

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Master Bathroom

The Rock A Black House On A Hillside 4

This large bathroom consists of a tub and glass shower with a white tiled unit. The bathroom also is also clad in white walls intact with polished concrete floors and laminated wood ceilings.

Built-in Kitchen Island

The Rock A Black House On A Hillside 3

In the galley kitchen, there is a spacious built-in island you can see from the dining and sitting area.

Decked Terrace

The Rock A Black House On A Hillside 2

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see a decked terrace built along the hillside from the dining room.

Triangular Deck

The Rock A Black House On A Hillside 1

This triangular deck plays as another outdoor deck you can access from the living room. The architecture firm claims that the triangular design of this deck comes in handy to fill the gap caused by the L-shaped structure of the upper-floor plan.

Source: Dezeen

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