Framed House: A Modest House with A Balance of Connectivity and Privacy

Framed House 18

Designed by Crest Architects in 2020, Framed House sits within a gated community in North Bangalore, India. With 2300 ft2 in size, this house is designed as a modest house based on the requirement of the client. A balance of connectivity and privacy is also created to establish a sense of spaciousness.


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It is a modest house designed also with a specific emphasis on ventilation and natural light. The choice of materials and also the design process for the construction of this house are influenced by a cost-effective budget.



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The main approach of this project is to create a compact layout to accommodate the client’s requirements while establishing a sense of spaciousness as well. This sense is used to create a balance of privacy and connectivity.

With narrow slit windows, the southwestern facade is kept entirely plain to avoid the harsh sun during the day. The windows are accentuated with Sadahalli stone chajjas, framing the awesome views of the surrounding landscape. The open floor plan is spread across two floors, consists of dining, living, puja, kitchen, and three bedrooms.



Framed House 15

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In order to get awesome views of the landscaped garden, the double-height living and dining spaces are opened up. There are also glazed skylights that allow natural light to infiltrate the house’s open scheme.

A subtle ambiance is induced by the exposed concrete finish and white plastered walls in the exterior and interior of the house. The design of this house explains a simple style that reflects the client’s lifestyle.


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Photographer: Shamanth Patil J

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