WORKKI: Second Project of Co-Working Space with Modern Interior and Comfortable Environment

WORKKI Coworking Space 12

Anna Lvovskaya, Boris Lvovsky, Fedor Goreglyad, and Maria Romanova from DA Design & Architecture work together to design WORKKI, a new co-working space on the 18th floor of Federation Tower in Moscow. It is the second project in 2017 in creating a new co-working space for start-ups and small companies in big cities, designed with modern interior and a comfortable environment.


WORKKI Coworking Space 1

WORKKI Coworking Space 2

WORKKI Coworking Space 3

The modern interior in WORKKI is designed in a dark atmosphere with some interesting elements. The architects use different types of furniture to fill in the co-working space and also add more decoration by designing unique lightings, wall decoration, several colors, and also materials.



WORKKI Coworking Space 4

WORKKI Coworking Space 5

WORKKI Coworking Space 6

The mini offices that can be rented are the special feature of this co-working space. There is also a fully developed infrastructure for all residents. They can use game rooms, lounge areas, and also meeting rooms. They also allow receiving any personal mail and hold a working meeting in the meeting areas which is open.



WORKKI Coworking Space 7

WORKKI Coworking Space 8

WORKKI Coworking Space 9

The design of the modern interior with a comfortable environment is arranged by creating a planning solution. This plan is determined by the tower shape, so the architects need to set some small office spaces inside the building where the floor plan has a triangle shape. For the final plan, the use of rounded forms come up as an ideal idea for the premises spatial solution.



WORKKI Coworking Space 10

WORKKI Coworking Space 11

WORKKI Coworking Space 12

A simple and concise style is used to design the perimeter part of the building. Each of office house is separated by glass partitions and featuring the central part of WORKKI space look more interesting to be seen. There is also an amphitheater space that designed and used as a cinema or a lecture hall.



WORKKI Coworking Space 13

WORKKI Coworking Space 14

WORKKI Coworking Space 15

The decoration materials are not expensive but the modern interior still can be designed with an interesting look. The blue color acts as a color palette, including the blue-green and indigo. Grey and black walls become a background, plastered to look like painted or concrete. With natural plants and wood, the modern interior also becomes more natural and fresh.

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