Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo: State-of-Art Facility with Modern Interior and Japanese Design Elements

Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 3

Tokyo Innovation Hub of Accenture is opened in Tokyo, Japan as a state-of-art facility for the employees and clients. They can collaborate and work together in creating new awesome ideas and turn them into reality in life. The design combines a modern interior and Japanese design elements, creating a unique interior ever in Tokyo.


Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 9

Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 8

The unique modern interior can be seen especially on the lower level of the building. This lower level is full of Japanese castle and symbol of co-creation such as Yagura. The interior design is also inspired by Cityscape with tatami, food stand, and a yatai as details of Japanese design elements.



Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 7

Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 6

Some Japanese elements are used to bring the symbols of Japanese attention which is related to the Japanese culture. With a yatai, yagura, food stand, and tatami design elements, all Japanese details in the modern interior design of this building can be shown clearly.



Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 5

Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 4

A space in the lower level is used for entrepreneurs, researches, and clients to create new ideas and collaborate together with those ideas. While the upper level in this building has a detached space, providing a good space for extended collaborative work sessions.



Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 3

Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 2

When the lower level of Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo is full of Japanese elements for the interior details, the upper level is designed based on the traditional Japanese merchant house. With a relaxing home atmosphere, the upper-level space feels more comfortable just like home.



Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo 1

Combination of modern interior and Japanese design elements can create more functional spaces for the company, providing a more creative environment. This environment is perfect for those who need to focus on the projects and bring all varied-backgrounds experts to respond to clients needs with the best approach.

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