826 Valencia Tenderloin Center: A Retail Shop with Eclectic Interior that Captures Everyone’s Hearts

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826 Valencia Tenderloin Center is a non-profit of Valencia’s latest venture located in San Francisco, California. It is a retail shop with an eclectic interior of mixed-use learning space designed by Gensler. This space can support all under-resourced students to improve their creative writing skills.


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This retail shop is located in the city’s densely populated, in a former liquor store. With the unique place, the interior of this shop is designed with an eclectic interior in a unique way too. This kind of interior design is created to encourage exploration, inspire and delight all visitors who come.



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All space s in 826 Valencia Tenderloin Center is christened “King Carl’s Emporium”. It has a secret passageway and a wall of eclectic doors. The students can explore more secrets inside this shop and go deeper into the shop space through eclectic doors. A fun way to go to such as a retail shop.



826 Valencia Tenderloin Center 3

The wall of this retail shop is full of eclectic doors that come in different size and design. Some of them are used to display or hang clothes or accessories. Those doors are not only unique but also adding more eclectic accent into this shop interior which is very interesting to see.



826 Valencia Tenderloin Center 2

The design of the eclectic interior inside this shop looks a little bit old and also vintage. Gensler works together with other’ services in the best collaboration to design the interior with all elements including books, furniture, and even lightings. All ideas are accommodated to determine the best results during build-out.

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With all things inside the interior of this retail shop, all spaces can capture everyone’s hearts. Both adults and children would love to visit this shop because of its unique eclectic interior design that can not be found in other retail shops in San Fransisco.

Via gensler

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