Coastal Home: A Welcoming House with Mediterranean Interior for An International Family

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Coastal Home in Castelldefels, Spain has an awesome Mediterranean interior designed by Bloomint Interior Design. This welcoming house is also beautified with light colors for the three children of an international family, a Russian mother, and a French father. The interior design project of Coastal Home is finished in 2018 and it takes 200 meter square for the total area.


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For the three awesome children, this house is turned into a fun living place with its light colors. The Mediterranean interior is chosen because it is perfect for this house which is located facing the sea and stands on a hill. It makes the house looks like Asian houses from a distance.



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Coastal Home is full of comfortable rooms. There is an awesome balcony that can be used for the international family to enjoy the view of the sea. In the middle of the house, there is a living place with comfortable grey sofas and chairs with a warm fireplace.



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There are a lot of playful spaces with hiding spaces created by Bloomint for this house. They also renovate it by adding free spaces and mezzanines for the children to play with fun. There is also a workspace with a sea view for the parents, providing comfortable working activities for them.



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Lighting becomes one of the most important elements in this interior design project. Some different lamps are used to give unique lighting design in the house Mediterranean interior. Those lamps are placed in some areas of the house, including the stairs, dining room, and also the children bathroom.



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The surfaces of the Mediterranean interior are designed in raw concrete. This raw concrete looks contrast with the natural wooden floors and light colors of the house. The main goal of using the chosen materials are creating a welcoming house that surrounded by a beautiful nature for the family and all visitors that come along.



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The spiral black stair is located in the entrance area of the house, decorated with big silver lamps. The black color design of this stair is matched with the black entrance door. In the outside of the house, there is a pool surrounded by green trees and an awesome view of the Castelldefels.

Via bloomintdesign

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