Wuxi House: Contemporary Interior of A Chinese Apartment with Aspirations and Traditions of Homeowner

Wuxi House 6

Wuxi House is a Chinese apartment with a standard cookie-cutter located in Wuxi, China. The contemporary interior of this house is designed by AIM Architecture with a lot of aspirations and traditions of the homeowner. This interior design project has been completed in 2015 with 150 square meters of the total area.


Wuxi House 1

Wuxi House 2

The architect combines the contemporary interior with the homeowner traditions and aspirations to make the owner feels closer to his family. The contemporary comfort comes from the modern elements of China that can be found on all spaces in this house.



Wuxi House 3

Wuxi House 4

The Chinese elements in this apartment become a focused design for the architect, especially in choosing the material. The idea is about using the high-quality material to bring more surprises into the house interior. The interior becomes beautiful and also attractive to be seen.



Wuxi House 10

Wuxi House 5

Wuxi House 6

The large dining room, a karaoke room, and also Mahjong card tables become the major entertainment spaces for Wuxi House. In the master bedroom, the wood elements are used to hide this room and the small bathroom with a wooden door.



Wuxi House 7

Wuxi House 8

Wuxi House 9

The furniture has a contemporary style with a useful function. The modern sofas, marble-topped coffee tables, and ceramic stools can make this house looks perfect as a living place for the homeowner to relax in a stylish way.



Wuxi House 11

Wuxi House 12

Wuxi House 13

The AIM philosophy is perfect to design Wuxi House, unexpected, refined, and also bold. The interesting style in Chinese culture can favor the homeowner individuality, together with the traditions and aspirations to make a beautiful interior of a house.

Via aim-architecture

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