Klocker House: A Pole Barn Design Inspiration for A Home Office

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Located in an open country setting in Minnesota, Alchemy Architects has completed a home office project designed for active homeowners called Klocker House. The inspiration for this house comes from a pole barn design. The combination of urban loft and barn loft can be seen inside the house.


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With 2300 SF in size, the house has three bathrooms, three bedrooms, and an office nook with a floating cube loft space, a peek-a-boo window, and a lot of custom elements. The ubiquitous pole barns of rural America are the main inspiration for this house design.



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The interior of this house is a combination of a barn loft and an urban loft. IKEA cabinets and a two-story wall of birch wall panels separate the public and private spaces. There is also a “farm relic” finished in oxidized steel paint that gives an enclosure for the master bathroom.

The kitchen is designed with IKEA that has a customized stainless-wrapped cart to create the island. A more intimate space for a fireplace can be provided thanks to the faceted plywood loft which also creates an office.

The TV and firebox are placed on a storage bench with sliding steel doors. A stair rail that is fabricated by Alchemy is laser-cut using a custom pattern by graphic designer friend Jon Baugh.



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The house’s exterior opposing sides look awesome in black and silver, emphasizing the building‘s planar aspect. Furthermore, a sawtooth roof divides the building and allows the windows to light the house efficiently. In order to let light in from the side and identify the house’s entry, the abstracted red barn door is pulled away from the facade.

The use of Structural Insulated Panels of OSB and foam allows this house to be enclosed completely in three days only. Supported by an exposed cloverleaf column, the single steel beam can carry the roof’s weight.

The house’s floors are exposed concrete with in-floor hydronic heat while the panels of the roof are thick SIPs that can create an extremely tight, well-insulated shell. With rain sensors, remote-controlled operators allow natural ventilation through the high Marvin awning windows’ strips. Custom galvanized steel awnings provide weather protection over the sliding doors.


Klocker House Gallery

Images Source: Alchemy Architects

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