BFM Showroom at CDC: Luxury Interior Design of Showroom with Bright Atmosphere

BFM Showroom At CDC 5

The luxury interior design and the bright atmosphere in BFM Showroom are designed by Monotello. It is an interior design project located in Crystral Design Center, Bangkok, Thailand. The project is completed in 2015 with more than 220 square meters of the building area.


BFM Showroom At CDC 8

BFM Showroom At CDC 7

After a detailed approach to the BFM brand, Monotello has been decided to highlight the interior with a lot of lights. The idea is about showing the showroom interior more clear and clean. The use of striking colors also makes the interior looks more interesting.



BFM Showroom At CDC 6

BFM Showroom At CDC 5

The luxury interior design comes from some awesome things designed in the showroom. The receptionist area is decorated with a big red table. Every storage that used to display the BFM product is illuminated with a lot of lights. The ceiling is also designed in a unique way to hang the lamps.



BFM Showroom At CDC 4

BFM Showroom At CDC 3

Besides the showroom area, BFM Showroom is also facilitated with a small meeting room. This room is designed with blue walls and a combination of a glass sliding door. The yellow chairs look match well with the white table in the middle of the room.



BFM Showroom At CDC 2

BFM Showroom At CDC 1

BFM Showroom at CDC also provides a seating area with a long white table for all visitors. The visitors can look closer to all things displayed in this showroom, observing the things displayed while sitting on the seating area with the comfortable orange chairs.

Via monotello

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