Ugan Concept: A Brand Center Building with Modern Interior and Forest-Quality Experience

Ugan Concept 14

Ugan Concept is a wooden floor brand with the main idea to construct “a space of wood quality”, not “a wooden” space. Their brand center building is located in North Chongyi Rd., Anno Domini, Hangzhou, China. This building has a modern interior design with a combination of forest-quality experience made by A John.


Ugan Concept 1

Ugan Concept 2

Ugan Concept 3

The modern interior design of Ugan Concept building has a lot of natural elements. The architect brings more things about a forest in a space without any evident division in the function and area. The interior feels like a forest with different vegetation that can be so-called as “the boundarylessness sense”.



Ugan Concept 4

Ugan Concept 5

Ugan Concept 6

The entrance shows its flexibility with the abstract pavilion without any gate or courtyard. The architect also removes the window to create a half partition and a new container in this building. The interior and exterior are connected with a tearoom with “from inside to outside” spirits.



Ugan Concept 7

Ugan Concept 8

Ugan Concept 9

The design of this building modern style has a lot of details that can permeate with each other in the whole areas. The architect removes the partition in the traffic core area and designs an invisible door. This door can link the meeting room of the building with the windows on the one side.



Ugan Concept 10

Ugan Concept 11

Ugan Concept 12

All rooms in this brand center building are designed with some rhythm by the architect. The purpose is making some of the meaningless shapes in the rooms into symbolic and awesome constructive elements for the building space.



Ugan Concept 13

Ugan Concept 14

Ugan Concept 15

There are a lot of unique materials that are used to arouse some experiences to feel the whole building design. There is a wooden light hanging that can lead all people to the tearoom. In the bathroom, the small waterscape is combined with the bucket inlaid with a tap and the three-dimension curtain.



Ugan Concept 16

Ugan Concept 17

Ugan Concept 18

Ugan Concept 22

With the whole interior design in this Ugan Concept building, hopes there will be a significant effect base od the people’s extension. The people can feel their connection with the building space and its objects, bringing various experiences mentally and physically.



Ugan Concept 19

Ugan Concept 20

Ugan Concept 21

Ugan Concept 23

Another important element that the architect uses to bring new experiences in this building is the color design. “the forest-quality experience” is created using some natural colors, especially the wood color, white, black, and also grey from the concrete materials.

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