ByggVesta: Modern Interior of A New Office with Strong Environmental Profile

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This property development company can offer the best accommodation which is environmentally friendly, affordable, and also sustainable. ByggVesta has high standards for your better future. Studio Stockholm is commissioned by them to create a new office with a modern interior and a strong environmental profile of the company. This project is started from 2016 and completed in 2017.


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The main concept of this project is developing a new office that can reflect the company’s core business and values. The final result comes with an open, warm, and bright office with a strong modern interior design and sense of home.



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The modern interior design of ByggVesta’s new office can make the company’s brand looks stronger. This kind of modern style also creates a sustainable and welcoming atmosphere of the company. With some wooden furniture and natural colors, the interior feels warm for all clients who visit it.



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This new office doesn’t have a large space, neither a lunchroom or a reception area. Previously, the environment was not friendly too for the company. That’s why Studio Stockholm creates an open space in this new office with a new open working environment, creating a functional space for the company.



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The architect chooses a large apartment form to design this new office and reflect the core values of the brand. This form can make the whole offices have a clean home feeling. They also use the company’s environmental profile as a design key role with many selections of materials.



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ByggVesta 2

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There are a lot of new rooms in this ByggVesta’s new office. Besides the welcoming hall, a large patio, and a business-friendly dining room, Studio Stockholm also creates a large gathering place for the company’s staff.

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