Riviera Refined: A Two-Level Penthouse with Panoramic River Views

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Located in the elite residential quarter Akbulak Riviera, Astana, Riviera Refined is a two-level penthouse with panoramic river views designed by Kvadrat Architects. It overlooks the beautiful embankments of the two rivers Esil and Akbulak. It is a 330 square meters diamond in the very center of the capital of Kazakhstan with cozy minimalism.

It is a unique living place in Astana that has all the advantages of premium housing. The inhabitants have an opportunity to meet perfect dawns, enjoy peaceful sunsets, and contemplate the flow of rivers and temporary changes in nature at the same time in the heart of the metropolis.

Clean lines, a restrained color palette in the choice of finishes and furniture, and natural materials (brass, wood, marble) make this penthouse special. The multifunctional interior is designed for proper reflection, evaluation of prospects, quiet rest, and noisy meetings with friends.

The concept of Riviera Refined is status living in goodness. The interior fully reflects the tastes of the owners of the house and continues to evolve and change over time. It is filled with the most powerful energy of love, coziness, and creation.

Rhythms of the City

A continuation and addition to the interior is the opening perspective on the river and the city that goes beyond the building walls, expanded visually by luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows. It is a successful mash-up where the interior, the panorama, and the location of the architectural ensemble. The owners of the apartment can be involved in the life and rhythm of the capital anytime thanks to the panoramic view.

It is not just an interior but also a place of power. The client can unlock his spiritual, mental, and physical potential; reflect and comprehend the fast-paced events; and be inspired to conquer new heights in this timeless space. It will be a legacy and a significant part of his family’s history.

Kitchen: Maximizing Togetherness

The kitchen is not just a cooking area but also the most functional and important space in the interior. That’s why the designers allocated half of the first floor to this space. Here, the whole family will gather, discuss news, and share joys and achievements. It is a self-sufficient family zone with lots of panoramic windows.

There is a square table that allows the whole family to sit opposite each other and can see the faces of everyone present during meals. It maximizes proximity.

The idea of design is innovation and elegance is reflected by the Italian brand Poliform in the kitchen. The Italian oldest brand Minotti creates a soft zone where one can sit down with special comfort, admire the panoramic view from the window, and enjoy communication with other family members.

The Bedroom: Light as Art

The interior’s soul is a living and endless substance. It continues to unfold in full from day to day. The details of the space give the whole image of the interior. The ceiling lights have given way to a luminous ceiling in the bedroom, diffusing light softly and seeming to float in the air.

Kvadrat designed the bespoke glass bedside table. A Poliform glass table creates a statement on the bed’s either side by the same brand. On the bedside table, the leather inlay rhymes with the trim on the headboard. There is also a Fiam armchair made of solid glass and looks like a work of art. It is perfect with the attractive panorama of the city and the Davide Groppi floor lamp, which is just as important as the view from the window.

Children’s Room: Aesthetics from Birth

The brutal little men’s room continues the penthouse’s overall style. There is an Inalco porcelain stoneware with a rust effect and tanned leather on the chairs and in the paneling of the punching bag which are the interior’s expressive components. Untreated plywood replaces the veneer and marble, and every detail is rough deliberately.

Tracks with linear swivel lights cut the diffusing light of the translucent ceiling. In the bathroom, the theme of interesting solutions continues with the Antonio Lupi Apollo lamp shower. This dual composition combines light and water sources at the same time.

A luminous rain is a funny and unusual element. The high design and pure form of the Italian brand create an impeccable aesthetic taste from childhood. There is also a unique basin made of solid concrete that is made to order.

Riviera Refined Gallery

Architecture firm: Kvadrat Architects (www.k-kvadrat.kz, @kvadrat.design)

Principal designers: Rustam Minnekhanov, Sergey Bekmukhanbetov

Project Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Built area: 330 m2

Renderings: Kvadrat Architects

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