Apto Ibirapuera: A Modern Interior of Three-Floors House with Gardens

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Located in Brazil, Apto Ibirapuera is a three-floors house with modern interior and also green gardens. This residential project takes 900 meter square of an area in 2015. The main concept for the interior is about the three floors integration with a relationship between the environments through the circulations and gardens of the house.


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The materials and the integration of the three floors become the most essential criteria for this interior project. Every room can have a more visual connection in the three levels, ensuring the relationship between the circulations and gardens is made.



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The ladder in this residence is made from a folded steel plate, lined with white stone on the top and wood on the bottom part. This ladder can be a sculptural element to link the three decks, creating a vertical relationship.



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All floors are designed in this order: RESTING, WORKING, AND LIVING. This order is made for a specific use of the house. So the service area, kitchen, dormitories, and rooms are located on the first level. The second level houses a large library which is integrated into the garden, a place for writing and reading.

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The last level is the place for a leisure area. It is a location where you can find a music studio with the hot tub garden, barbeque, and sauna. This area extends with the vertical garden, creating a unique design too for the interior.



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The furniture comes from the sense of valuing some Brazilian designers. Carpets, tables, chairs, and some artworks can decorate the interior without any additional ornaments needed. The whole furniture also can draw a beautiful straight line to this house.



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The architect chooses some different materials like vegetation, light stone, glass, and wood. Those materials can allow the environment to have a good dialogue with the house without any limits. The inspiring and luminous atmosphere is also made by those materials for the resident writer.

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