Corsega Apartment: An Office Space Transformation into A Dwelling with Contemporary Interior

Corsega Apartment 15

Previously, this apartment was an office space. With the awesome contemporary interior design from Raul Sanchez Architects, this office turns into a comfortable dwelling. They need a geometric study for the transformation process, ensuring the open and large space are created based on the client requests.


Corsega Apartment 15

Corsega Apartment 14

Corsega Apartment 13

The front area is designed with large shelves, guiding everyone to the dining room, living room, and kitchen space. The kitchen space is large with two Tetris-like arms and an island which is separated from the living room. There is also a corridor to access other rooms like the dining room.



Corsega Apartment 12

Corsega Apartment 11

Corsega Apartment 10

The architect uses an open layout design for the living room interior. The bedrooms can be found behind the vestibule outlined which is wide and also ample. It has a floor-to-ceiling shelf that opens to the dining room, bringing some natural light into space. The bathroom is designed as a single room with a bath, a shower area, two separate WC stalls, and also a large sink area.



Corsega Apartment 9

Corsega Apartment 8

Corsega Apartment 7

The two spacious and large bedrooms are linked by the extensive transparent sliding glass door. This door is an open door so the children can play in an open bedroom with the light that comes from the outdoor courtyard. There is a large bed near the courtyard with a storage space made with thick wooden boards.



Corsega Apartment 6

Corsega Apartment 5

Corsega Apartment is also built with some awesome details on its interior. There are two exits near the courtyard from the living room with a large showcase window. The first impression of the interior is that there are only air and no window. Some beams and concrete pillars are left visible for the texture and structure of the room.



Corsega Apartment 4

Corsega Apartment 3

Corsega Apartment 2

The bathroom is the only room with a shiny and dark world. The interior is designed with a backlit mirror and also ceilings. The shiny accent comes from the lighting design which is arranged inside the bathroom. The glass door of the shower can add more elegant accent to this bathroom.

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