Exeter 56 Residence: A Contemporary Home with A Modernist Character

Exeter 56 Residence 10

This residence is designed by Kendle Design Collaborative located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Exeter 56 Residence is a home with a contemporary style and a modernist character to its exterior and interior. The great renovation makes this home becomes a new home once again.


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Exeter 56 Residence 10

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The renovation is done by rejuvenating and maintaining the character and the ranch-style facade. The style faces to the neighborhood and it is re-organized by the architect, especially with the existing rooms inside the home.



Exeter 56 Residence 8

Exeter 56 Residence 7

Exeter 56 Residence 6

Exeter 56 Residence 5

The architect also adds some new modern spaces that can provide a fresh face for the whole look of this home. With the modernist character, open space, and also brilliant daylight, Exeter 56 Residence becomes a home with a confident contemporary style.



Exeter 56 Residence 4

Exeter 56 Residence 3

Exeter 56 Residence 2

Exeter 56 Residence 1

Both interior and exterior of Exeter 56 Residence are designed with a modernist character using the materials and the furniture. The contemporary style can be seen on the concrete material that the architect uses to design the outdoor floor and the seating area.

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