Rambus Cryptography Research Division: A Minimalist Office Space with Room for Fun

Rambus Cryptography Research Division 1

The new minimalist office of Rambus Cryptography Research Division is located in San Fransisco, California. Rambus wishes for an office design that can enhance learning and collaboration with secure spaces for working time. RMW comes with a design of an office space which is not only secure but also fun.


Rambus Cryptography Research Division 2

The mission of Cryptography Research is about keeping the information from the hacker’s hands. That’s why this division of Rambus company very relies on the employee’s inventiveness, especially in sharing the information in the workplace.



Rambus Cryptography Research Division 1

Rambus Cryptography Research Division 5

Rambus asks RMW for an office that can emphasize the collaboration and learn in work activities, including the secure spaces. RMW with their best team design finally comes with a minimalist office with its palette, color pops, and also a clear separation between the private and public areas.



Rambus Cryptography Research Division 3

The public zones in this office have a reception area which is designed with a glass display case and bamboo flooring. The glass display holds the antique cryptography memorabilia. Near the lobby area, there is a training room with a library and an associated break-out space.

Rambus Cryptography Research Division 4

The secure areas are designed with key pass doors access, including the smaller meeting rooms and the workstations. The lounge and break room offer an incredible view of a landscape and downtown of San Fransisco.

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