Cushman and Wakefield: New Modern Offices that Highlight Interconnection

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Cushman & Wakefield is a global company and also leader of a commercial real estate. This great company already evaluated their needs for the new offices. The goal is about giving a good workspace that more in line with the company brand. RMW finally comes with the new modern office that highlight interconnection without any private area on it.


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The new offices are located at 400 Capitol Mall without private office for the brokers. This new office is designed to make a collaborative work environment that can support the team structure. RMW works together with C&W leadership to bring an awesome workspace for a good social interaction.



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The new offices don’t have any private offices. All brokers in this company work together in a single large open day-lit office. The design is built with low panels into a furniture benching system. They work in the modern open area and also efficient benching desks.



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Cushman & Wakefield 2

The functional areas in the new offices are designed with some layers of screen walls, transparent glass, and also changes in texture and colors. The office movement is unimpeded so the employees can move easily. The employees can work in both casual and formal settings at the informal lounge or an open cafe.



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Cushman and Wakefield also use their new offices as a model to show the latest trends for all clients. The office is a vibrant and efficient office where the company’s broker teams can be more focus to be a success in this kind of fast-paced global business market industry.

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