DS Nursery: Modern Nursery with A Large and Calm Courtyard

DS Nursery 1

Located in Ibaraki, Japan, DS Nursery is a modern nursery with the best facilities for the children. The cool thing about this nursery is its large courtyard. In this courtyard, the children can play and enjoy the nature outside the building freely. With the modern design, DS Nursery achieved three different awards in 2015 and 2016.


DS Nursery 4

The courtyard of DS Nursery is always used to be the best place for the children do some outdoor activities. The building is surrounded by this courtyard because the wind around the site is quite hard. This way can make the dining space turns into an awesome open space.



DS Nursery 2

Right in front of the dining area, there is a green and fresh garden that can be enjoyed when the children and adults eat their lunch. The garden is decorated with a green ground, some trees and also a wooden pathway. There are also some chairs and a long table in the seating area of the garden.


Dining Room

DS Nursery 3

The dining room in DS Nursery is designed in a minimalist interior full of wood elements. The floor comes in warm wood materials that can make the children keeps warm. The beams can be seen in the ceiling, decorated with beautiful lamps.



DS Nursery 1

The toilet design in DS Nursery is kind of unique. In one room, the toilet is divided into some individual private space complete with the sinks too. The interior of this toilet room is also designed in a simple design, it makes the interior looks clean.

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