Evers Soerjatin: Contemporary Interior with A Respect for the Monumental Qualities

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Fokkema & Partners Architecten is the main designer for this law firm office, Evers Soerjatin. The office renovation is done from July 2017 to January 2018 in Amsterdam with 600 square of the total area. The idea of Evers Soerjatin office renovation is about creating an awesome contemporary interior with a respect for the monumental qualities too which are listed in the monument near Amsterdam Vondelpark.


Evers Soerjatin 1

Evers Soerjatin 2

The architect is not only showing a contemporary interior with the monumental qualities of respect but also expressing the welcoming and professional environment of the firm characters. The firm can be recognized easily once you see the office interior.



Evers Soerjatin 3

Evers Soerjatin 4

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Some of the original features can be found easily like the authentic China cabinet, kitchen tiles, fireplaces, and ceilings. The authentic China cabinet is the key to start creating a classic framework of the whole contemporary interior.



Evers Soerjatin 6

Evers Soerjatin 7

Evers Soerjatin 8

The offices, kitchen, library, and also meeting rooms have a special attention from the architect. The architect uses elegant lighting solutions to decor those room interiors. The acoustic atmosphere in the room is improved by adding the upholstered wall paneling.



Evers Soerjatin 9

Evers Soerjatin 10

The use of grey and white color, some beautiful details, warm and rich materials on the leather and wood, become the best things to define the stately building monumental character. This office becomes different from other regular offices that you often see.

Via fokkema-partners

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