Holland Casino: A Welcoming Office with the Warm and Identity-Rich Interior

Holland Casino 6

The warm and identity-rich interior of this welcoming office is designed by Fokkema & Partners Architecten. This office is used as the head office of Holland Casino, located in Hoofddorp. The main idea of this new office interior is about hospitality, an important value Holland Casino. The office is not only welcoming but also surprising.


Holland Casino 1

Holland Casino 2

The interior of Hollan Casino head office is completed with its awesome facilities. The office also has a restaurant. and various cones like project rooms, pods, team hubs, touchdown stations, and plaza. Those facilities take more than 3000 square of the building site.



Holland Casino 3

Holland Casino 4

There is a strong relationship between the identity-rich and warm interior in this office. In a subtle way, the exuberant and playful atmosphere is captured well for the Holland Casino’s venues. The work environment becomes so convenient to be used.



Holland Casino 5

Holland Casino 6

Every facility in Holland Casino new office spreads out well to the entire space of the building. It offers a good chance for the dynamic and encounters collaboration to meet. The various zones also make this office comes to live well.



Holland Casino 7

Holland Casino 8

The interior is about Holland Casino heritage and ambitions. You can capture a lot of experience by seeing the detailed design of walls, ceilings, and also flooring. With some colors like dark blue, deep red, black, and also gold, the interior has the richest textures ever.



Holland Casino 9

Holland Casino 10

The lighting design in this head office is used to express the bold casino culture of Holland Casino. This kind of lighting will not only create a good atmosphere in the office but also decorate the interior differently from other offices that people often see.

Via fokkema-partners

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