Harris Academy: Modern Academy with The Best Education Building and Facilities

Harris Academy 3

Harris Academy is one of the best academies in Dundee, Scotland. This school offers the best education not only from the services but also from its building design. The school is designed with a modern style for the building architecture. The building comes in a high form, consist of a lot of facilities for the student to study, not only classrooms but also a swimming pool.


Harris Academy 5

Harris Academy 3

The exterior area of Harris Academy is built with a unique and modern touch. There is a big clock in the middle of the building surrounded by a large open space. The building itself is elegant with the large glass wall that showing the student activities inside.



Harris Academy 4

With the high ceiling, the interior of Harris Academy feels so bigger than it seems. The combination of materials like woods and concrete are shown in the classroom. The large windows allow the view outside the building to come freely and warm with the sunlight too.



Harris Academy 6

Harris Academy 7

You can see the use of a concrete material in some parts of the building interior. The concrete is used for the ceiling and the building pillar. Some parts of the wall and the stairs are built with the beautiful material of the wood. It looks contrast with the white wall but it is beautiful.



Harris Academy 2

The pool can be used for the whole student based on the sports lessons that they attend in this academy. Harris Academy offers an indoor pool with bright interior. Some of the lamps are used on the edge of the ceiling, not in the middle of the ceiling.



Harris Academy 1

With such as a big modern building and the facilities inside it, Harris Academy can provide the students a lot of curriculums. Strats from the art and design, biology, chemistry, and even modern languages, this academy has its own level of education support.

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