Villa Vingt: New Residence Construction on A Sloping Site near Ski Resort

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Villa Vingt is located on a sloping site as a new residential construction near Le Rais ski resort. The existing location comes from the client’s home foundation to retain the acquired rights. The landscape around Villa Vingt is very beautiful offering an awesome view of Laurentian hills and the Lac-Beauport residential area.


Villa Vingt 20

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Villa Vingt is surrounded by beautiful landscape of Laurentian hills. This new residence is also located near the Lac-Beauport residential area. When winter comes, the sloping site near the hill will be covered with snow beautifully.



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Villa Vingt has a strong presence as a new residential, especially in its site panorama. The main facade horizontality and volumes have an important role in the building design. The facade can show us about the beautiful design of some Californian villas.



Villa Vingt 15

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Villa Vingt offers an access path to make sure the living space privacy can be used maximally for the owner. Once you see the building, you will able to recognize the white cedar ceiling easily. This ceiling coats the upper floor of the building.



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Villa Vingt 12

The sloped roof of Villa Vingt is very perfect for this project. It makes the building looks unique and different house.



Villa Vingt 10

Villa Vingt 11

Villa Vingt 9

The staircase design fits well with the concrete wall of the room. This staircase is designed faces to the large windows, offering a beautiful view outside the house.



Villa Vingt 8

The concrete wall can give the project a verticality design. It has its own quality with the authentic materials, steel and also concrete.



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Villa Vingt 6

Villa Vingt 5

The interior is built to give an amazing view from the landscape around the mountainous and the hills. This view can be seen through the large glass wall. The volume and geometry of the interior make a surprising atmosphere for the functions of the room.



Villa Vingt 4

Villa Vingt 3

Villa Vingt 2

The large kitchen has a design based on the guest need. They need a big space that can give a good feeling while they drink favorite liquor together.



Villa Vingt 1

The bathroom is purely white with the beautiful tiles design. The white bathtub is placed near the shower, next to its glass door. The bathroom sink and its storage also come in white color with an elegant mirror above it.

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