Shearwater: A Stunning, Big Home with Ocean Views

Shearwater 13

FGR Architects has been designed a stunning and big home located near the beautiful ocean called Shearwater. This home doesn’t only have a great view of the oceans but also a stunning interior design in every room. It is the best living place for everyone who loves to enjoy the oceans.


Shearwater 1

Shearwater 2

Shearwater 3

Shearwater 4

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Every room in this modern residence is designed in the same style and atmosphere with the ocean outside it. The whole rooms are filled with the simple color like white and black. It is a comfortable and peaceful living space with its four bedrooms.



Shearwater 6

Shearwater 7

Shearwater 8

Shearwater 9

Shearwater 10

The ocean views make Shearwater has the best outdoor landscape ever. The views can be seen from any spaces in the home, even from the kitchen. The large glass walls and windows allow the ocean views to be seen clearly.



Shearwater 11

Shearwater 12

Shearwater 13

Shearwater 14

Shearwater 15

The focus design of this residential project is about the outdoor living that can facilitate the home with an awesome exterior. The architect uses the landscape and exterior around the site project to maximize the home design itself.

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