Jean-Gosselin Cultural Crossroads: A New Contemporary Library with Singular Architectural Expression

Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 9

This contemporary library is designed with a singular architectural expression. It makes the building looks bright and also inviting for everyone who sees it. Jean-Gosselin Cultural Crossroads takes an advantage of the sloping street. It occupies the upper level, that’s why it looks like floating over the street. With the detail design, this library can be the best library in the city around the residential.


Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 9

This library has a cultural building type with a singular architectural expression. This kind of architecture can create the whole building looks very interesting and also inviting. From the distance, the building is already attractive with the glass front door and large windows.



Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 7

Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 8

The sloping street around the site area is used to occupy the upper level of the ground. It makes this library building looks bigger and higher. Sometimes, the building also seems floating over that sloping street. This library also offers an urban veranda largely that open to the city central square.



Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 4

The facade is transparent with an opening on the public square. It is also linked with the existing urban fabric with dynamic integration. As a public space, the facade design is not too complicated. It has more modern and elegant designs.



Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 3

Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 2

With the large glass wall, the reader of this library becomes more interesting to be seen for the pedestrian. The books are arranged well on the bookshelves. The seating area is set in a perfect spot for the visitor to get the best view outside the library.



Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 1

As a public library, Jean-Gosselin Cultural Crossroads doesn’t only have books but also computers for the visitors. They can easily search and find things that they need with the computers besides the books on the bookshelves.



Jean Gosselin Cultural Crossroads 5

The choice of materials for this library is important to give the clear details in every part of the building. It will express the lightness from the cultural crossroads near the library. It will also create a new contemporary icon for the Charny city.

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