OB Kindergarten and Nursery: Modern Building with Fun Devices for Children to Play

OB Kindergarten And Nursery 2

OB Kindergarten and Nursery is located in Nagasaki, Japan. This kindergarten has an awesome modern building with a lot of facilities and fun devices for the children. Those devices can encourage the children to have fun with something that they like. OB Kindergarten and Nursery will not only give the best place for the children but also make them more active.


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The awesome architecture design of OB Kindergarten and Nursery is proven with some awards that it gots. In 2016, this kindergarten was awarded in IAI Award from China. In 2015, the awards came from AIJ Kyushu Selected Architectural Design, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and KIDS DESIGN AWARDS.


Dining Room

OB Kindergarten And Nursery 2

The beautiful sea can be seen clearly from this room. This large room is designed with a warm wooden floor and also a high ceiling. The ceiling is used to put a lot of beautiful lights. The wooden furniture is placed tidily near a kitchen island.


Play Area

OB Kindergarten And Nursery 3

The play area is one of the fun facilities for the children in OB Kindergarten and Nursery. With the natural wood interior design, they can read books and draw on the blackboard comfortably. They can also enjoy the sea view from this area.



OB Kindergarten And Nursery 1

There is also a play area on the roof of OB Kindergarten and Nursery building. On this area, children can jump and be more active with the rope and stairs. The play area will not only be a fun area to play but also the best thing for the children get more exercise.

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