West Terminal 2: A New Passenger Terminal in Helsinki, Finland

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In February 2017, a new passenger terminal has been completed to be built in Helsinki West Harbour, Finland named West Terminal 2. This new terminal is located between LJ7 and LJ8 of the new docks in the expansion area of the port. The project areas of Wes Terminal takes 12.800 m2 for the Port of Helsinki as a client. Today, this terminal is already becoming the best terminal with comfortable and faster route.


Faster and Comfortable

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West Terminal 2 1

The purpose of creating an awesome terminal in Helsinki is providing a better fast ferry traffic between the Tallinn and Helsinki city. West Terminal 2 will make sure that the traffic volume which is growing fast will operate more comfortable and surely faster.

Rapid Transfer

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West Terminal 2 is designed in a special plan to provide a faster disembarkation and embarkation for the passenger traffic. The walking distance of the passenger is minimized as much as possible. The result will make the rapid transfer of the passengers from and to the ships.

Efficient Transfer Need

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The big need for efficient transfer of the foot passenger also becomes the main reason to make West Terminal 2. The large and open area of the terminal will be the solution for the new and large new ships on the Tallinn route. The most passenger surely will pass the Tallinn route with those new ships.

Complete Facilities

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West Terminal 2 is not only designed by focusing its efficient rapid transfer but also providing the complete facilities with the high standards. This awesome terminal has bright public spaces, office spaces, cafes, ticketing booths, customs facilities, and also technical facilities.

Two Main Parts

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This terminal is built based on its functionality. The building itself is divided into two main parts. The ground level of the building is used for the vehicle traffic. This area is decorated with a compact glass entrance. There is also a waiting lounge with its large space and a wide glazed wall to show the sea views.

Boarding Bridges and Corridors

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West Terminal 2 has the best design for the passengers with its boarding bridges and corridors. The bridges and the corridors are connecting the terminal to the ships. The structure of the bridges and the corridors are unheated for the whole spaces.


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West Terminal 2 has main facade materials. Those materials are concrete, glass, and massive sea aluminum. The combination of those materials with the best quality makes this terminal gets its best architectural to a high standard.

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