Marwen Expansion: A Beautiful Building for Free Visual Arts Classes

Marwen Expansion 9

Marwen works together with Wheeler Kearns Architects to design a beautiful building in Chicago for the under-served students. Marwen Expansion can provide free visual arts classes for 6 to 12 grades of students. It is a big project in 2015 for the architect and Marwen who already work together for twenty years.


Marwen Expansion 1

Marwen Expansion 2

The program of Marwen Expansion is not only about the art classes but also an alumni gallery, a main public gallery for the student work, library, 9 state-of-the-art instructional studios, and also administrative offices.



Marwen Expansion 3

Marwen Expansion 4

The expansion process of this project also includes new HVAC, building signage, roof, a new entry/parking court, window, transitional/multiuse loggia space, and additional 15,000 SF of new/renovated studio spaces.



Marwen Expansion 5

Marwen Expansion 6

The beautiful building is designed with some materials and different processes. The concrete floors can complement the brick masonry and the Douglas for a structure of the building. The formal gallery has a color palette which is simple. The vibrant colors can be seen around the corners of the spaces.



Marwen Expansion 7

Marwen Expansion 8

Marwen Expansion 9

Marwen Expansion 10

The building is used a color-coded for the system elements, creating a simple and elegant style of the industrial model. The main goal of the building architecture is providing a safe harbor for all students and allowing them to explore more things in the arts.

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