Hilton London Bankside: Architectural Overview of A Modern 5-Star Hotel

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Hilton London Bankside is located on the main route of a key pedestrian named Design Trail. This route is also the location of Southwark Underground Station and the Tate Modern art gallery on the Jubilee, Union Street, Great Suffolk Street and Holland Street which are linked together to form the route. Hilton London Bankside is a modern 5-star hotel with its awesome architectural design.


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Hilton London Bankside 5

Hilton London Bankside is designed by Dexter Moren Associates with the strict height constraints. The hotel itself is conceived as two adjoining forms, one tall and one low. The architecture design is relating to existing and proposed the neighboring buildings.




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The glazed entrance is linking the two forms together with the internal lightwell. This hotel entrance echoes the urban character at the junction of Great Suffolk Street and Farnham Place. The development of the whole building construction takes 18 months.



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Hilton London Bankside is layered with metal, brick, and also glass facade which is used to make a contemporary insertion to the typology of the building. This insertion reflects the character and the tonality of the surrounding context.

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The windows are designed in the same style which is matching with the brick and also the facade. From the outside, this outer surface makes the hotel looks like a regular hotel. But once you get in, you will find the best design of a modern and luxury hotel ever.

Hilton London Bankside 3



Hilton London Bankside 1

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This amazing 5-star hotel has 292 luxury bedrooms and suites. The facility is also offering a pool, leisure club, conference facility, and also 750 person ballroom. It makes Hilton London Bankside as the next generation of the best 5-star hotel with its awesome interior design and architecture.



Hilton London Bankside 10

The overall feel of Hilton London Bankside is contemporary yet timeless for everyone. With the hotel interior, industrial inspiration, exposing surfaces, and also layered fabrics, this hotel will continue to be one of the world’s leading hotel markets over the next years.

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